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    Contains pictures of Little Mole and his friends. Little Mole is very well known to all Czech and Slovakian children due to the TV bedtime stories. Excellent resource for primary school children. The game develops children's ability to take turns, share and interact with other children.

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    English/ Slovakian story book written by Mark Twain. Contains five different stories. Ideal for high-school students. The book is written in Slovakian and English (mirror text). 

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    Slovakian novel written in Slovakian language only. Contains a story about three women, who used to be friends when they were children. Eva became a psychologist, Gita who is Slovakian Roma by origin became a doctor and Jana decided to leave her husband and child and move in with her lover who is being treated for cancer and needs everyday care.  Ages: 18+

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    This Slovakian/English dictionary is full of simple images that help to develop children's imagination and enrich their vocabulary. The dictionary also contains 20 paper windows that children can play with.

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    What a wonderful wooden toy for children who love playing with wooden puzzles!  This classic wooden toy would make a wonderful present for inquisitive children who love having fun! The puzzle contains 4 pieces and is suitable for children from the age of 10 months.

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    Topics cover a variety of areas: home, supermarket, school, ZOO, seasons, days in a week, months of the year, colours, numbers and many more. This is an ideal resource for new arrivals with limited English (EAL). Excellent for EAL primary and special school learners.  

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    Learning first English words through nursery rhymes. Ideal for the smallest schoolchildren starting with English. The combination of English words and Slovakian poems helps children remember new vocabulary more easily. Children can practice rhymes not only with teachers in classes at primary schools but also at home with parents. The book is accompanied...

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    This exciting second edition of the English/Slovakian and Slovakian/English Dictionary for Schools is a 'must have' for any pupils or students looking to develop their language skills.  Ideal for KS2 primary school children, secondary school students and ESOL students.

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    This book will certainly become a source of children's entertainment. Topics cover a variety of areas: home, body and family life in the city, travelling the world and animals around us, jobs, hospitals, as well as fun and games in the circus, at a birthday party or picnic. This is an ideal resource for new arrivals with limited English (EAL).

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    Czech and Slovakian colouring and activity book for primary school children. Contains lots of colouring activities, as well as the simplified Cinderella story. Fun tasks like puzzles and finding the difference are also included.

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    This colouring booklet contains 14 pages including the cover, ideal for creativity development. As well as pictures this colouring book also contains the story about Winnie the Pooh in Czech and Slovakian language therefore could be also used as a home reading book.  

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    This colouring booklet contains 14 pages including the cover, ideal for creativity development. The Happy Train meets a lot of animals along the way. Can you find them? Can you name them? Can you count them? Excellent resource for nursery school children and also KS1 children learning their first English words.  

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