About us

MILEN is an online bookstore selling bilingual and monolingual resources for children and adults. We offer a fantastic range of bilingual story books, picture books, dictionaries and language resources for children and young people with English as an additional language and those from minority ethnic backgrounds. Our dual language books complement the national curriculum and are suitable for schools, nurseries, play centres and can be also used at home as a learning resource by parents.

We are also able to advise on our products as we cooperate with an English as an additional language (EAL) specialist. EAL specialists, bilingual teachers and bilingual teaching assistants can use our books as home reading books with EAL children (excellent for new arrivals), during first language assessments, reading clubs, after school clubs and as a part of the curriculum.

MILEN is about connecting languages for children and giving them a chance to become confident speakers in their mother tongue as well as English. We would like to show all bilingual children, their educators and parents that learning languages can be fun and that being bilingual can bring lots of advantages!

Research has also shown that bilingualism is beneficial for children’s development and their future. Children exposed to different languages become more aware of different cultures, other people and other points of view. They also tend to be better than monolinguals at multitasking and focusing attention. They are often precocious readers and generally find it easier to learn other languages (Sorace, A., 2010)


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